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Dental cavities typically occur when insufficient or inconsistent oral hygiene enables acids and plaque to form and build up in your mouth. If these issues go undetected, tooth decay can develop across the formerly healthy tooth enamel. If a large cavity compromises the tooth structure, Dr. Tao Sun may need to replace the affected tooth enamel with a dental crown.

Over time, as tooth decay worsens, you may develop side effects such as increasing tooth sensitivity and other discomforts. To repair the condition with a dental crown, Dr. Tao Sun will first create an abutment by using a special dental drill to remove the whole of the tooth enamel and create a post-shaped pillar out of dentin.

Our team will then prepare a detailed impression of the abutment and the surrounding area. We then cap the abutment with a temporary crown to protect it while we submit the impression to a dental lab to have your permanent dental crown made.

When the final crown is ready, a member of our team will call you into our dental office for the second and final appointment. During this visit, Dr. Tao Sun will replace the temporary crown with the new crown, which is firmly cemented in place.

If you live in or around Costa Mesa, California, and are suffering from an untreated cavity, in one or more teeth, call Tao Sun, DDS at 949-645-8887 to determine if you would benefit from a dental crown from our dentist at [pratice_name].