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Due to bacteria and acidic food, you can lose valuable minerals in your tooth enamel that keep your smile in good quality. One such essential mineral is fluoride, and your smile needs sufficient fluoride to remain resistant to tooth decay. With a proper fluoride intake, you can keep harmful dental issues at bay, including tooth decay. The good news is that you can consume more fluoride from natural resources and dental products. The following tips can help you know where to look to increase your fluoride intake and improve your teeth:

1. Drink water that contains fluoride. Many cities have tap water that includes sufficient amounts of fluoride to improve smiles.
2. Find oral hygiene products with fluoride to use when you clean your teeth. You can choose products such as fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash to use morning and and night to transfer fluoride to your tooth enamel each time you clean your mouth.
3. Visit the dentist for professional fluoride treatment. At your next dental checkup, you can receive a fluoride treatment such as a gel, varnish or foam after your cleaning and exam, when your smile is clean.

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