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Do you have questions about dentures? If so, our Tao Sun, DDS team is more than happy to give you the answers you need!

Dentures are strong and reliable dental appliances that can replace your missing teeth and give you a new-and-improved smile. To help you know more about this beneficial product, we have provided the answers to the following frequently asked questions about dentures in Costa Mesa, California:

Q: What are the differences between complete and partial dentures?

A: Complete and partial dentures are very different. Complete dentures are meant to replace all of your teeth, giving you the beautiful and functional smile you’re looking for. Partial dentures are meant to replace a few missing teeth in one area of the mouth, filling the gap in your smile. Complete dentures are suctioned to the roof of your mouth while partial dentures are clasped to the natural teeth that lie on both sides of the gap.

Q: How are dentures made?

A: Dentures are made through the course of many dental appointments. First, your dentist will make a series of impressions of your smile and will take measurements of your mouth. Then, he will create a mold that will represent your new denture. You will try this mold on and will make any adjustments necessary. Finally, your dentist will cast your final denture and you will make sure it fits perfectly in your mouth.

Q: How will dentures feel?

A: Dentures might feel a little odd, uncomfortable, and loose at the beginning. This is because your cheek muscles and tongue don’t know how to keep the appliance in place. As time goes on, your mouth will become more familiar with the appliance. You might also experience an increased amount of saliva production.

Q: What is denture adhesive?

A: Denture adhesive is a product that can help you keep your dentures in place. It comes in the form of a paste, powder, or pad, and it helps your appliance stick to your gums.

Q: Are dentures worn 24 hours a day?

A: Your dentist might recommend wearing the dentures for 24 hours a day at first, but as time goes by, he will recommend only wearing the appliance during the day and taking it out of your mouth at night.

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