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Installing braces on your son or daughter’s teeth is the initial step in the process of realigning their teeth for a more functional mouth, and the kind of winning smile that will last a lifetime. Regular adjustment sessions are required to effectively realign their teeth into their ideal alignment.

Each adjustment session minutely stretches the periodontal ligaments anchoring their teeth in place. The periodontal ligaments and the orientation of their teeth will gradually adapt to the new position. After four to six weeks their teeth will be ready for another small adjustment session until they finally reach their ideal alignment.

Dr. Tao Sun generally tries to schedule adjustment sessions four to six weeks apart. If they miss an adjustment appointment, it will likely increase the amount of time they need to wear braces.

While the primary purpose of the appointment is to adjust the tension in their braces, it is also a good time to replace any bands or other parts of their braces that show a little wear and tear.

If your son or daughter is overdue for an adjustment session or you would like to schedule their next one in advance, you can call Dr. Tao Sun at 949-645-8887 to schedule an appointment.